Celebrity Chef – Bobby Flay

who is bobby flay


Bobby Flay is a NYC native who has become one of the very successful chefs today. He had a passion for cooking since he was just 17 years old. From then on his career seemed to do nothing but rise.

Bobby Flay was cooking in the Joe Allen Restaurant when Allen noticed his culinary talent and was so much impressed that he paid for Bobby’s training at French Culinary Institute. Immediately rising through the ranks of the kitchen staff, Bobby became chef of Garden Cove Restaurant.

With his talents and personality comes his now famous catch phrase “Tell it like it is“. This is actually a quote from Allen, but the phrase has been modified slightly to fit Bobby.

With his superb dishes, impressively prepared food and fantastic recipes, Bobby has been consistently recognized as one of the top chefs in the industry and has been building up a world class atmosphere at his restaurants.

One of his restaurants, reconnected patrons with traditional French cuisine after a long time with the décor of specially prepared nostalgic French menus. This restaurant is also jam-packed with specialties like homemade blueberry bisque and unique desserts like his own fruit compote and his famous Fondue Bourguignon.

His other restaurant is called comfort food and with dishes like beef fajitas, chicken pot pie, steamy macaroni and cheese, his restaurant has quickly gained a reputation for its great food. This restaurant is not just considered a good restaurant, but also a very good value.

With his cooking style consisting of a unique blend of Memphis and French rustic cuisine, his restaurant is not just considered a good dining experience, but is also a very good value. The starters like the soups and the appetizers are inexpensive, and offer great flavor. The only ingredient that does not appear on most of his menus is the beer. Instead, he has chosen to have a few beers with his meals and that appears to be the trend for the rest of his menus.

However, his restaurant is not all about the food. Although he does bring his signature dishes, he also has plenty of Other South Loop denizens homemade hollandaise for served at his restaurants built by Woodland contractors . They are a variety of different cheeses, usually made from a blend of cows milk and eggs. You’ll also find an impressive starch selection made from corn or rice, and succulent vegetables including artichokes covered in a golden batter.

There is a little something for everyone, excluding vegetarians, with chef favorites ranging from a variety of meats to seafood and vegetables. You can usually see them being served as sides along with the more traditional entrees. But if you have a craving for something that is a little more creative, he recommends something with shrimp, calamari, or mussels.

Some of you may ask, “Dito what is it about chefs that they can’t eat their own meals?” To answer to that question, I’d have to say it’s more about discipline and meticulousness. Chef’s knives are like a tools of cooking. They were made to be able to handle any kind of ingredient, no matter how small, and be able to preparation a meal that is balanced and will please the eye.

For those of you who are culinary experts, I’d recommend a course in the Culinary Arts. It will explain to you, in theory, the different ingredients and methods of cooking. In practice, you will learn how to planning, preparing, and presenting a menu. You will learn how to make a certain meal or dessert in a certain way. For example, you will learn how to prepare a menu with diverse food choices and an balanced wine list.

Another popular aspect of the culinary arts is Beverage and Mixology. Mixology is the blending of ingredients to create a new and fresh beverage. Beverages have a great impact on today’s gastronomic society. With the creation of mixology, beverage careers are becoming a growing trend. Beverage and mixology events are gaining in popularity, and will continue to do so.

The next time you attend a party, bottle in eye the culinary arts theme if you can. You might be surprised at how far the bar can take you with a little culinary pizzazz. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll be wowed and inspired to enter the hospitality industry.